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Saturday, July 16, 2005

the flute player

this piece is one of the first series of works i painted using windsor and newton watercolors. first time to use a very expensive brand and i remember getting ecstatic when i finally finished the painting. i love the hulking figure in the background obviously getting bored listening to the amorous little flute player.

tree fairies

naiads are favorite faerie subject by some of the great pre -raphaelites painters i admire. i will be exploring more naiad themes in the future. the watercolor pigment is so vibrant you have to guard yourself from using excessive color combination.


one of my favorite paintings. i love this piece so much that i want to keep it with me till i'm no longer around anymore

the lost traveler

i love painting gnarled trees. i wish i could devote a whole year painting gnarled trees only...with some faeries of course

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Welcome to my Art Blog

Hello there,

Welcome to my world. A world of fairies, trolls, satyrs and nymphs. I hope you'll enjoy my artworks. So sit back and relax and be transported to another world.